Saturn in sixth house

Saturn in the 6th house gives quite demanding work surroundings to the native, without this meaning that they do not like it. Nevertheless, it is time-consuming and a lot of effort is being invested. When Saturn is well-aspected by other bodies, working a lot is a conscious decision, often involving family businesses that pass from father to child, becoming a tradition. Of course, such works also are demanding, as they usually are connected with creating handmade items or otherwise offering a lot of personal time in productivity. Saturn in the 6th house generally gives a very serious approach to whatever concerns professional affairs, not allowing experimentations.

Whoever has Saturn in the 6th house, is often involved in serving other people. The house is ruling service and servants, and usually, involves a lot of routine in his workplace. Another possibility is working for some elder person, who has a rather cold and difficult character. Nurses are common to have Saturn among other planets occupying the 6th house. As we already mentioned, the 6th house is also responsible for health, and this makes the house prominent in people that are working in the health department. Saturn might complicate issues that concern one’s career, but he can also give a lot of stability in it. When a slow-moving trine appears towards it, it might trigger a life-lasting employment. Saturn’s stability is a double-headed knife though. A difficult square transit could also bring a long period of unemployment; in such a situation, the native should observe when the tight square angle starts to loosen.

Positive Impact:

Saturn motivates us to work hard. The planet strongly believes in discipline and is very strict in its approach. But that is not to put us down. Actually, the planet just wants us to be good and do good. It just has a tough exterior. It is like our teacher or maybe like our father.

You can easily utilise the fatherly function of Saturn to your advantage. You can become a very good employee if you keep the traits of Saturn in mind. You can use your instincts and integrate it with a “look before you leap approach”. By doing this, your efficiency and effectiveness are bound to increase substantially. So, the characteristics of Saturn set an example for us to follow. The planet does not just decide our life, it also makes us learn the ways and methods of achieving success and glory.

Negative Impact:

The natives of Saturn in first house may cherish their independence. However, they do find problems in maintaining their strong sense of self. There is a possibility that you may feel confused in certain situations. Your mind can get filled with doubts and you may find the going really tough. If you are not clear about your life or goals, it may lead to a dangerous situation. It would be better if you consult those who are close to you. The help which your close ones will provide may help you rationalise your insecurities and provide you with the best course of action.

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