Remedies to Please Planets to get rid of Problems

In Vedic astrology, 9 planets rule over the entire life of a native. If a person has these nine planets strong in their kundali, then they will have the strength to fight problems in their life. Every planet has its own role in human life. If a planet is in a weak or ill position in the horoscope, its effect is seen in life in different ways. The person will lack fortune, abilities, peace, stability, and strength. We cannot change our horoscope. However, we can strengthen our planets with the help of remedies to please 9 planets.

To strengthen these celestial beings you will have to attain changes in your daily routine, behavior, eating, and living. With the help of these remedies to please 9 planets, any native can attain peace and prosperity in their life with the blessing of these cosmic powers.

  • Sun
    • Drink water in copper utensils.
    • Eat elaichi.
    • Keep a red handkerchief in the pocket.
  • Moon
    • Use silver utensils.
    • Wear white clothes.
    • Keep white hanky in pocket.
  • Mars
    • Use copper utensils.
    • Wear reddish clothes.
    • Keep red hanky in pocket.
    • Put tilak/tika of red chandan.
  • Mercury
    • Wear green clothes.
    • Keep green hanky in pocket.
    • Use ivory utensils.
  • Jupiter
    • Wear yellow clothes.
    • Keep yellow hanky in pocket.
    • Wear garland of yellow flowers.
  • Venus
    • Wear white clothes.
    • Keep a white handkerchief in the pocket.
    • Wear a garland of white flowers.
    • Use silverware.
  • Saturn
    • Wear black clothes.
    • Keep black hanky in pocket.
    • Give black articles in charity.
  • Rahu & Ketu
    • Wear black clothes.
    • Use a black blanket.
    • Keep black hanky in pocket.
    • Use the black strap for wrist-watch.
    • Use surma in eyes.

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