Rahu in sixth house

This is termed as a positive location for Rahu in a horoscope. These people wish to acquire the privileges associated with servitude. They are experts in conflict management and associations. After a lot of trials and tribulations in life, what others are often not aware of, people with Rahu in 6th house get success in their endeavors through service of others. These people have a strong desire to serve those who are facing opposition and discords. Natives have a tendency to indulge in arguments that are beyond their comprehension.

These people often do something disruptive in repressive fields involving poverty, servitude, divorce, drugs, war, illnesses, and oppression. This position brings sudden gains to the native. The person may incur gains or losses with involvement in loans, bankruptcy, divorce, litigation and contract breakage. They tend to have an inimical relationship with servants, employees and maternal relatives. They also challenge the conventional modes and methods of alliance formation and conflict management in society.

Positive Impact:

The natives of Rahu in the 6th house wish to acquire the privileges associated with servitude. They can very well manage the workings in associations. They can also resolve conflicts very effectively. Traversing through the difficulties of everyday life, these natives become aware of a lot many ways and methods which most of the other people are unaware of.

The natives of Rahu in the 6th house have a strong desire to serve others especially those who are facing tough and difficult times in life. It is likely that natives may get into arguments that are of no use and substance.

The natives of Rahu in the sixth house usually have a long life. Also, they are full of courage and enjoy their wealth and all the materialistic pleasures of life. Thes natives are less likely to suffer from illnesses. But in case they do, it will be very difficult to diagnose the illness. In that scenario, they will find it very tough to tackle their illness which will get coupled with other complexities of life.

Negative Impact:

Also, these natives share an uneasy relationship with their domestic helpers, employees and maternal relatives. These natives also challenge the conventional modes and methods of forming alliances and associations.

Also, the natives of Moon in the 2nd house may face some serious difficulties, which may happen due to poverty, servitude, divorce, drugs, wars, illnesses and oppression. Besides, this position may bring sudden gains to the natives. It is also possible that the natives may invest in financial instruments which may bring them at risk. Thus, they may either make big gains or incur huge losses.

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