Planets in Astrology and how they affect your life?

As we have already described the name of seven major planets and two nodes of the planet Moon. We follow the “Geocentric System” in Astrology where it is assumed that all the major planets revolve around the Earth or we can say, Earth is taken as a center. Now let’s understand how these planets give an impact on our life astrologically:-

Sun: The planet “Sun” is known as the “King” of the Celestial Cabinet. It is the hottest planet of all. It indicates the Government or Authoritative position in society. It represents our “Soul” and “Father”. It provides energy to all the planets. It illuminates the whole world through its brightness. It rules over the “Leo” sign and gets exalted in “Aries”

Moon: It is considered to be an important planet among all as it represents the “Mind” of a person. It is also known as “Queen” of the Celestial Cabinet. It indicates private sectors or “Private Government”. It represents our “Mother” in astrology. When Moon is directly opposite to the Sun in one’s Birth Chart, then it forms a good Yoga as Sun’s rays illuminate the energy of the planet Moon. Moon governs to the “Cancer” sign and gets exalted in “Taurus’

Mercury: This planet reflects the quality of “Prince”. Mercury is a planet that indicates the logical ability or calculative ability of a person. It deals with Mathematics and it also provides the knowledge of “Astrology”. It is very closer to the Sun. It is also a “Messenger of God” and deals with our communicative ability. It represents our siblings and day-to-day activities and expressions. It rules over “Gemini” and “Virgo” signs in Astrology and gets exalted in the “Virgo” sign.

Venus: This is the planet which everyone seeks for and it acts as a “Princess” in the Celestial Cabinet. Venus indicates Love, Romance, beauty, and any kind of relations in one’s life. It also represents the wife, girlfriend, or any girl in Men’s Birth Chart. It is Karaka planet for marriage too. It represents the monetary value or finances of a person. It rules over “Taurus” and “Libra” and gets exalted in the “Pisces” sign of the Zodiac.

Mars: It is a Commander In Chief or Soldier of Celestial Cabinet. It shows our fighting ability and aggression. It provides us the courage to tackle any situation. It is always in “Hurry” and ready to fight. It shows the “quick respond” or “activeness” of a person. It is a karaka planet of younger co-born, police, army, surgeon, etc. It rules over “Aries” and “Scorpio” and gets exalted in “Capricorn”.

Jupiter: It is the “King’s Minister” in the Celestial Cabinet. It represents the Wisdom of a person. It also represents the “Gurus” or “Teachers” who are running into our life. It represents the “Husband” in the woman’s chart. It is a religious and most benefic planet. It represents the children and family of a person. It rules over “Sagittarius” and “Pisces” and gets exalted in the “Cancer” Zodiac sign of Astrology.

Saturn: It is ” Servant” of the Celestial Cabinet. It represents the masses or the public. It is the planet that is known for its judgment. It judges you according to your Karma performed during current birth and gives you marks accordingly. It’s a very slow planet and takes time to provide you results. It shows the “Patience” of a person. It is all about delaying things. It gets exalted in “Libra” and debilitated in “Aries”. It rules over Capricorn and Aquarius signs of the Zodiac Belt.

Rahu: Though it is not a planet, it is basically a North node of a planet Moon. It is also known as “Chhaya Grah” in Vedic Astrology. It has only Head of the Demon. Rahu is always curious about the “Worldly Fame”. It always runs after materialistic things. It is commonly known as “Shanivrat Rahu”, which means it behaves like a planet “Saturn”. Since it’s a bodiless planet so it always wants more and more and never be satisfied with one thing at every aspect of one’s life. It is assumed that it gets exalted in “Taurus/Gemini” and debilitated in “Scorpio/Sagittarius”. There is no specific sign for Rahu as it behaves like the sign or planet on which it sits.

Ketu: It is again not a Planet, It is commonly known as the South Node of planet Moon. It’s a tail of Demon. It is also a “Chhaya Grah” like Rahu. It doesn’t have an interest in worldly fame and desires. It is just opposite to Rahu. It’s a very spiritual planet that seeks only enlightenment. It is all about separation from materialistic things. It’s a headless planet. Only Ketu is the planet considered for Moksha in this life. It reflects our past life karmas, Sanchit Karma, etc. It is believed that Ketu behaves like Planet “Mars”. It gets exalted in “Scorpio/Sagittarius” and debilitated in “Taurus/Gemini”.
Therefore, Planets in Astrology are very important to know the results of any activity. It shows how life on earth is being operated through the Divine. Objects, present in the universe, are affecting other masses and hence our earth is also getting that influential energy from these masses. An Astrologer must study and analyze carefully all these planets placed in one’s horoscope to provide the right prediction.

Vikas Jindal

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