Mercury Transit in Taurus

Mercury is the planet representing intellect, analysis, communication, marketing, calculative ability, younger siblings, hobbies, skills with hand, intelligence, quick decision-making, etc. in Vedic astrology. Taurus is considered to be the second sign of the zodiac circle which is ruled by Venus with whom Mercury shares a friendly relationship.

When Mercury’s transit in Taurus takes place, the mind slows down to take in sensory perception. Those with the fixed earth Mercury in the natal chart build up impressions carefully. They speak slowly, often choosing each word very carefully. Mercury here loses this restless edge and becomes mesmerizingly grounded in Taurus, they speak with the authority of earthly wisdom, knowing that comes from leaving no stone unturned.

The transit of Mercury in the sign of Taurus will take place on 1 May 2021 at 5:32 AM to 26 May 2021, 07:50 AM, until it moves into the sign of Gemini.


For the Aries moon sign, Mercury is the lord of the third and sixth houses and is transiting in the third house. Due to this transit, there will be sweetness in your speech and you will be able to communicate very clearly. Your clarity will charm people around you. It is advised to avoid wasting time in needless talks as you do not need to waste your reasoning power in front of people who are not able to understand your words. Natives who are interested in singing or writing Will to be benefited during this transit. Relationships will require some quality time to remain stable. Natives in professional spheres and jobs are likely to get benefited and profit in this time. However, business natives might face some obstacles or obstructions in their deals. Healthwise, individuals may feel energetic and sudden surges of power as well which can be directed by working out in the gym or doing some physical activity like sports. It is advised to take care of your teeth and mouth during this time and maintain proper hygiene during this period of transit.


For the Taurus moon sign, Mercury is the Lord of the third and fifth house and is transiting to the second house of speech, wealth. During this period, you will be friendly, gentle, caring, and reflect positivity while handling situations both in personal and professional life. For individuals working in an organization in a professional field, the position of Mercury in the ascendant will make you more inquisitive and you would like to explore more opportunities.

For businessmen belonging to this sign, people who indulge in trading will get profit during this time. During this transit, the planet can influence one’s life in numerous ways. Natives will find that their communication skills will get highly impressive as well as they will possess an attractive personality. Natives will also be kind, soft-spoken and polite, and even liberal during the transit. Relationships will be very favorable and filled with happiness and love overflowing. This will be a favorable period for the students as they will be able to concentrate more on their studies which will help them to perform better in academics. As far as health is concerned, you will feel strong and healthy during this period.


For the Gemini Moon sign, Mercury is the Lord of the first and fourth house and it is transiting in the twelfth house of expenditure, unwanted situations, losses, foreign gains, and spirituality. Professionally, this time can bring a decline in your confidence and make you stressed and anxious. You should put things on hold for a while and should not start anything new or make huge investments. Focus more on enhancing your skill in developing yourself. Practice meditation and yoga during this period as that will help you relax and will give you a clear understanding of things. For some natives traveling abroad for pleasure with loved ones is also on the charts and that will happen soon. Students are likely to get success in exams. It is advised to take care of your health as you may have some problems related to the eyes and skin.


For Cancer Moon Sign, Mercury is the Lord of the twelfth and third house and is transiting in the eleventh house. This period will bring favorable and auspicious results for Cancer natives. Those individuals whose business is associated with foreign countries and also the ones who have lines of working with any MNC will get profit. This period will bring fulfillment of your wishes and desires. Professionally, this period will be very rewarding for you for all the hard work that you have been doing in the past. However, it is advised to avoid any gaps in communication in your personal and professional life. If someone is having a love affair, then the relationship with the person will improve but there can be minor disputes in the married life. Apart from this, many good opportunities will be available in the field of jobs and business. Health will remain satisfactory during this period.


For the Leo Moon Sign, Mercury is the ruling ord of the eleventh and second houses and it is transiting through the tenth house of profession and career. Professionally, it will be a favorable period for you, your creativity and organizational skills will get enhanced and you will be able to fulfill all the tasks with increased efficiency and productivity. Your seniors in your work area are going to support you with all your tasks. Peace and harmony will prevail in romantic life in the household. Healthwise, you are advised that playing outdoor sports regularly going to the gym will prove beneficial for you. Finances will be stable and smooth and you can also invest property or assets. During this time you also need to control your speech, especially in social life as this can create complications for you. In this time period, stop yourself from moving towards immoral actions.


For the Virgo Moon sign, Mercury is the Lord of your first and tenth house and is transiting in the nith house of luck, fortune, and higher education. During this period Virgo natives will see that luck is going to favor them in all the tasks and endeavors, But keep in mind to put in all the efforts and hard work and stay consistent in your efforts to achieve desired results. Professionally, you will receive new job offers and financial benefits with an increase in your social status. Relationship-wise, the individuals are fine and can achieve bliss. Apart from this, you can also get financial help from siblings. The desire for higher education abroad will increase further during this period. Those associated with the profession of media, entertainment, and glamour will get success in this period. During this time, your inclination can move towards art, writing, and acting. Healthwise, individuals face some minor issues which can be temporary.


For the Libra moon sign, Mercury is the Lord of the twelfth and ninth house and is transiting in the eighth house of transformations, occult science, uncertainty, sudden gains, etc. During this transit, individuals will have an urge to learn and explore new things so a person would be involved in spiritualism and occultism. You may also get benefited from inheritance. Your relationships will require more understanding and attention to detail so that there is no misunderstanding. During this time, there is a possibility of a loss of money, but at the same time, some secret money can also be acquired. Money will continue to flow in but the good thing is that during this your financial side will be strong. Professionally, it is advised that you should not argue with your seniors as this can put you into great difficulty. Take a candid approach in your personal and professional life during this transit. Healthwise you can be a little stressed so try to involve yourself in yoga and exercise and have full faith in your potential.


For the Scorpio moon sign, Mercury is the Lord of the seventh and eleventh house and this transit of Mercury in Taurus will take place in the seventh house of spouse, relationship, and partnership. Personally, this transit period can be a little hard as there can be temperamental and ego between you and your spouse. So, it is advised to resolve all your matters peacefully. Single natives can meet someone special. Profits and gains will be there for the natives who are in business or any partnership. However, it is advised to use your politeness and conversational abilities to gain new friends and partnerships. Individuals may face some issues with health where it is advised to get checked and precautions to be taken. This time is considered to be the best time to start a new business or partnership. Your reputation will increase. During this period, there may be a good chance of an increase in your social status of some traders. Your life partner will also get profits from you.


For the Sagittarius Moon sign, Mercury is the Lord of the seventh and tenth house and is transiting in the sixth house of daily wages, competition, enemies, and disease. During this transit, professionally natives in business should put on hold their plans of expansion, rather sticking to your basic plan will provide you with auspicious results. Natives who are in jobs will perform well at work and gain benefits as well as receive support and chances of getting a promotion at work are also high. Relationship-wise, everything will be smooth and at peace, if proper communication is established otherwise small misunderstandings can create fights. Health-wise, during this period, the health of your spouse may go wrong, so pay attention to your spouse’s health. Individuals will need to check in with a doctor and go for a full checkup in order to take any precautions.


For the Capricorn moon sign, Mercury is the ruling lord of your sixth and ninth house and it is transiting in the fifth house of love, romance, and children. Some couples will have a chance to get married during this time. This period is favorable for students for focusing and studying with full focus. Natives are advised not to fall into unnecessary disputes as they can separate you from your close ones. Natives will have good profit from speculation or lottery. Professionally, you can get a promotion along with the transfer to the desired destination. Your efforts and your hard work will get appreciated and recognized by the top management and you will also be able to showcase your skills and talents. Traders will get a profit during this period. Health-wise, you will be fit and healthy, but it is still advised that you should not indulge in any kind of physical activity like Yoga or sports as it will be beneficial for you.


For the Aquarius moon sign, Mercury is the Lord of the fifth and eighth house and is transiting in the fourth house of comfort, luxury, home, and mother. During this transit, there may be some worry and mental tension related to the children as Mercury is the lord of the fifth house. Students may also face some difficulties in focusing on the studies. Professionally, there may be some ups and downs, struggle at your workplace that means you need to put in extra effort to achieve desired results in your profession. Relationship-wise, this transit will be beneficial for you as there will be good chances of love and romance and you will see progress in your relationship with your partner. On the health front, be cautious while driving during transit as minor injuries can be foreseen during the transit of Mercury. Also, you may face some issues related to cold and cough during this period.


For the Pisces Moon sign, Mercury is lord of your fourth and seventh houses and is transiting through the third house of courage, travel, ambition, and siblings. During this transit, there will be an improvement in your communication skills. Financially, this period is likely to improve. Journeys taken during this period related to profession are going to provide you with games and profits. Relationships will require more understanding attention and care and it is advised that you spend some quality time together. At the workplace, it is advised to complete tasks well before the deadline in order to make a good impression. Health-wise, this transit will prove to be beneficial for you, but still, it is advised to take precautions and get a full body checkup if needed.

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