Mercury Transit in Sagittarius (Part 1)

Mercury Transit in Sagittarius on 3 December 2022 is no ordinary transit event. This transit is going to open a plethora of opportunities and positive changes around the lives of 12 zodiac signs.

Let us tell you the significance of the planet Mercury if you are unaware of it. Mercury signifies intelligence and conversational abilities in a native’s birth chart. It regulates the third and sixth houses in the Kaal Purush Kundali and is the significator of the fourth and tenth houses in Vedic astrology. Mercury does significantly better in the fourth house which is the house of happiness in the horoscope. Similarly, the tenth house is the house of profession and career and Mercury may do much better in this house because it has excellent conversational abilities and can help you set up your business.

For the Aries natives, Mercury rules the third house and sixth house and is going to transit in your ninth house. The house of Dharma, father, long-distance travel, pilgrimage, and luck. Mercury Transit in Sagittarius is a very good time for philosophers, consultants, mentors, and Teachers at this time they can easily influence others. Students who are planning for higher studies have a good chance to pursue that. Aries natives will get the support of their fathers and mentors. But you need to be a bit conscious about the health of your father as Mercury is also your sixth lord transiting in your ninth house. This is also a very good time for long-distance travel and pilgrimage. You will also be inclined towards a religious path and will try to increase your good karma. As Mercury is also expecting your third house you will also get the support of your younger siblings.

Mercury rules the second and fifth houses for the Taurus natives and this transit is taking place in the eighth house. And now it’s transiting in the eighth house of Sudden happenings, secrecy, and occult studies. So the natives who want to study astrology or any other occult study can start pursuing it this time. Even if you are in the field of research during this time, you’ll be able to get a positive result from your hard work and this is the time when you can show all your research to the world. You just need to be conscious about your health so eat good food and maintain hygiene. Mercury also aspects the second house as its own sign of Gemini to be a good time to balance your savings if you don’t pay attention. Savings can be used for unexpected expenses.

The planet Mercury is your Lagna and fourth house lord and now it’s transiting in the seventh house of life partner and business partnership for Gemini natives. This Mercury Transit in Sagittarius will bring opportunities for unmarried people waiting for marriage to tie the knot with a suitable partner in the coming days. Married couples will feel a strong bonding with their spouse and plan some religious activities like Satyanarayan puja or Hora in their home. It is also a very good time for business partnerships. This is the time when you must take care of your health and fitness as Mercury is also respecting your ascendant. You are advised to eat a healthy diet and adopt a good lifestyle.

Mercury has the lordship of the twelfth and third house and is now making transit in the sixth house of enemies, health, competition, and maternal uncle for the Cancer natives. Dear Cancer natives, you need to take very good care of yourself during the Mercury Transit in Sagittarius. Otherwise, overindulgence in alcohol or greased food can cause problems like diabetes, liver disorder, or digestive issues. Mature conversations with your opponents would easily sort out your legal matters during this time. Professionals in the field of data interpretation, trading, negotiation, and banking can make good use of this transit. The students who are preparing for competitive exams will be successful, you will clear their exams with distinction. You will also get the support of your maternal uncle.

Mercury rules both the financial house second and eleventh for Leo natives. And now, Mercury Transit in Sagittarius will take place in your fifth house which represents our education, love relations, children, and speculation and it is also the Purva Punya house. Leo natives who are in the Share Market or speculation business can make a good profit during this time. It is a very productive time for the students enrolled in higher education especially, subjects related to mercury like Math, Mass communication, writing, and any language course. This transit will increase their learning ability. Some of them could also get a scholarship. For Love birds, you will enjoy the romantic time and the relationship will strengthen. Leo natives who have been planning for childbirth for a long time can get the good news during this time.

Your tenth & ascendant lord Mercury is going to transit in their fourth house and the fourth house represents your mother, domestic life, home, vehicle, and property so this transit of mercury over your fourth house may fill up your home with happiness and you will also get the support of your mother and spend quality time with her. During the Mercury Transit in Sagittarius, it is a very good time to buy any property or any vehicle also so if you are planning to do so thumbs up for that as Mercury is also respecting your tenth house This is a good position for a real-estate developer and agents. You can also start some work from home.

Vikas Jindal

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