Mercury Transit in Aquarius (Part 2)

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Mercury is known as the God of messenger in Roman mythology and is of vital importance in Vedic Astrology as it upholds communication and intelligence. As per Indian mythology, it is an illegitimate son of the planet Jupiter. This is the reason why intelligence and wisdom cannot stand together. Jupiter in a true sense is maturity and wisdom, Mercury being totally opposite denotes youth and intelligence.

It is the Karak planet of speech, trade, and commerce. Therefore its transit brings an impact on economic growth. This jovian planet bestows younger looks, wit, humor, and brainpower to the native. When placed well a person is blessed with good reasoning power and has a stronghold on communication. They are good at persuading and convincing people. Also, they are quick in their response and calculate any circumstance with its repercussion in the spur of the moment. It represents the banking sector, accountancy, marketing, computers, acting, stand-up comedy, and music. Let’s see what this transit has in store for all the 12 zodiac signs.

For Libra natives, Mercury rules over the twelfth house of expenditures, travel, and the ninth house of destiny, luck, and religion. It will be transiting from the fifth house of entertainment, relationships, and studies.

On the professional front, this transit will be good for those who are into media, theatre, journalism, and acting. You will get good opportunities to show your talent and caliber. The employed natives will be inquisitive about upgrading their skills through practice and attaining more knowledge. Your passion for improving your skills will help you gain appreciation from your colleagues and senior management. You will also be good at finding problems and innovative solutions to the same. You will add a title to your existing career profile during this period.

At the personal level, this transit period will be auspicious for the students. Those who are looking forward to higher studies will get success therefore, filling applications during this period is advisable. Those who are looking forward to learning from overseas locations will also get favorable results during this time.

This period will be good for the lovers, especially if you are in a distant relationship. You will witness a new spark in your relationship during this period. You may plan some small trips with them to spend quality time. On the family front, your bond with your children and parents will be good. You will share your emotions and feelings with your father and will take their guidance in all situations and circumstances.

You will have an inclination towards spirituality during this period and may go for a pilgrimage or to a silent place to practice spirituality.

For the Scorpio native, Mercury rules the eighth house of fluctuations, heritage, and eleventh house of profits and gains. Mercury will transit through your fourth house of happiness, property, land, and the mother during this transit period. This transit will bring mixed results for you.

In terms of profession, this period will be favorable for the property dealers and real estate agents as they will make some good deals. The employed natives, especially those who are in the government sector have possibilities of transfer during this period. Some of you may also face job insecurities during this time. Investment in the property will bring good results as you will get support from your family in the same.

On the personal front, the ambiance at home will be good, there will be fun-filled talks and a light mood for all the members. You may welcome some friends or extended family for a get-together. You will have strong ties with your family and will like to make new cherishing memories with them. You will spend on your household work and will buy new interiors. You will also buy things to keep the members of the house happy. However your mother may fall ill during this period, therefore you are advised to get her body check-up done.

During this period you may earn from the ancestral property or get a share from the heritage property of your ancestors. This time will also be favorable if you have plans to buy a vehicle. The students will be distracted and their concentration will be poor. They would require the guidance of their elders and the support of their tutors to perform well in their examinations.

For Sagittarius natives, Mercury owns the kendras. It rules over the seventh house of associations and the tenth house of profession. During this transit period, Mercury will be in the third house of valor, strength, and communication. This will be an auspicious period for Sagittarius natives. Your hard work and efforts will bring fruitful results.

On the professional front, this period will bring new opportunities to the working professionals. Your diligent work and capabilities will bring appreciation and recognition coupled with increment and promotion at your workplace. It is also very good for the natives engaged in professional fields like marketing, journalism, media as you will get a number of opportunities to prove your talent. Also, your communication skills will be good, due to which you will be able to make new potential customers and sustain the existing ones.

On the personal front, during this period you will have to put a bit of an effort, especially the married natives. You will have to prove your love, care, and concern to your spouse, else you will witness a distance in your relationship with them. You will have to communicate off and on to avoid any gaps or miscommunications. Those who have an inclination towards the opposite sex and wish to get into a relationship should ask the person during this period as the possibility of getting in a relationship is bright.

You may plan short trips with your siblings, friends, and acquaintances during this period. The time period will be good for the students who are into journalism, marketing, acting, theatre, or writing. You will perform well in your respective courses and will be an inspiration to your batch mates.

For Capricorn natives, Mercury presides over the sixth house of services, competition, and the ninth house of prosperity, luck, and fortune. Mercury will transit in their second house of accumulated speech and immediate family during this period. This combination of the ninth and second houses is a prosperous one pertaining to financial abundance.

On the professional front, you will make some productive business deals. You will be able to convince potential clients with your persuasive skills and your marketing skills will also enhance during this time. You may make travel plans for your work. There will be a rise in your income and earnings as whatever measure you will take for the growth of your business will support you. Those who are looking for jobs will also be lucky to find the organization of their desire. Those who are into the stock or share market will also witness sudden gains and profits during this period.

In terms of finances this period is good, any kind of investment will be fruitful during this period. Also investing in property or house will bring good results in the future. You may plan to purchase a house or land for residential purposes during this period.

On the personal front, you may have some conflicts with your mother during this period but your relationship with your father will be good. You have to be a bit particular about your speech as you may use some dual-meaning words and criticism which may hurt your dear ones. You may receive a gift in terms of cash or kind from your paternal uncles during this time.

For Aquarius natives, Mercury rules over the fifth house of entertainment, studies, children, and the eighth house of mysteries and uncertainties. Therefore Mercury is an average planet for the Aquarius and will bring mixed results for the natives. During this transit period, Mercury will be placed in the Lagna where it gets directional strength.

On the professional front, you are advised to avoid any kind of major risks during this period as you may land up into losses. You can plan innovative things however you should implement anything new. The working professionals will comparatively have a better time period especially if you are into insurance, mining, or occult science. You will witness the recognition of your services and your reputation in the market will increase. You will also make new clients during this period. Avoid making any big investment, especially in speculative markets like stocks or shares.

This period will be good for your personal upliftment, as you will work on your communication and marketing skills. You will be up with infinite creative ideas and your advice will help your family and friends. Those who are planning for children may get the good news of conception during this period. Some of you will feel proud of your children as they get excellence awards in their academic or curricular activities. The love life of romantic couples will be blooming. You will be on cloud nine and will spend some cherishing moments with your beloved. The understanding and romance in your relationship will grow during this period. The married natives have possibilities of interacting more with their in-laws and building a better understanding.

For Pisces natives, Mercury owns the lordship of the fourth house of mother, happiness, land, and the seventh house of marriage and partnerships. Mercury will be transiting through the twelfth house of long journeys, expenditures, and losses. You will be spendthrift during this period and will buy luxurious things for yourself, your family, and the members of the house.

On the professional front, this period is favorable for those who are working into MNCs as you may get an increment or a salary hike during this time. Also, the time is potent for bankers and chartered accountants. The business owners who are working with the foreign markets will witness some growth and expansion in their work. Those who are into partnership business need to be a bit careful as this time period will be slow and you may land up into major losses because of your new deals. This period is average for the real estate agents and property dealers as you will not be able to crack good deals.

On the personal front, the married natives may face a physical distance from their spouse due to the travel plans of either of the partners. Also due to your busy work schedule, you will not be able to spend much time with your partner. You buy new decorative pieces for the interiors of your house, also you will invest in changing the outlook of your residing place. You may have to make long-distance travels during this period for work. This time is potent for the students who wish to study overseas, filling in applications during this period will bring successful results.

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