Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn: Effects on all Zodiac Signs

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For Aries zodiac sign, Mercury will retrograde in their tenth house of career, name, and fame. Hence, during the retrograde period, think and pay attention to old tactics in your career. If you are getting more tasks, then you must consider that as well and try to make the best use of your experience and skill. During this phase, try to solve any professional or personal misunderstanding during this time and do not say anything publicly about your profession or any social media platform else; you may have to face some disgrace. There are also chances of stranded relations with fathers or higher officials; hence you have to be very careful while dealing with them.

Remedy: Offer rice and milk in religious places.


For the Taurus zodiac sign, Mercury will retrograde in the ninth house of spirituality, international journeys, and luck. There are chances that you may be more inclined towards spirituality, and you will find answers within yourself. Opportunities you got earlier from any foreign source should be reconsidered now, and those who were planning to travel abroad should not try to experiment with new cultures and should respect the difference to avoid any conflicts. Your luck support will decrease a lot, and hence it is advised not to be dependent on luck during this phase. Expenses are also likely to occur due to some health issues during this period.

Remedy: Offer a green cloth or sweets to the temple on Wednesdays.


For the Gemini sign, Mercury will retrograde in the eighth house representing the Occult, sudden loss/gain, and inheritance. During this phase, there will be an increase in physical pleasure. You may feel pressure or experience difficulty due to the void of ideas in this phase. Your health will be perfectly fine during this period, and if you are suffering from any disease in the past, it will get cured. There might be some issue with your paperwork and read all the documents carefully before putting your signatures on them. Unexpected conditional offers might distract your mind, so try to postpone the signing of any lease or contract.

Remedy: Get an earthen pot filled with honey and bury it in a deserted area.


For the Cancer zodiac sign, Mercury will retrograde in the seventh house of marriage and partnership, and hence you may have to face some problems at the workplace and with your spouse/partner. During this phase, try to create a bond in your relationship and keep your communication very strong and sort out all the problems and conflicts. It is also the best period to resolve any conflicts. Restrict yourself from entering into any kind of new partnership or starting of new business during the retro period as this might give you some loss.

Remedy: Feed green fodder to cows every Wednesday.


For Leo zodiac sign, Mercury will retrograde in the sixth house of debt, litigation, and disease. Here retrograde Mercury may create some confusion and communication gap between you and your family members, and you may also be hot-tempered during this period. Hence, it is advised to be calm during this period and not to act aggressively. If stuck in any legal matter, try to reschedule the court date. Healthwise, you might face some minor problems apart from that, you will see an improvement in your health.

Remedy: Before starting any important work, make sure to keep girls or daughters present near you, or with flowers in hand as this will prove to be auspicious.


For the Virgo sign, Mercury will retrograde in the fifth house of love, children, and initiations. During this phase, there might be some problems in your relationship, and you might have to face some miss understanding, hence try to be calm and focus on strengthening the bond. Students will have a hard time focusing on their studies, especially those who are preparing for competitive examinations. Natives who have children might be tense about them during this period. You can use this time to improve your professional skills, and you should become friends with your children and try to listen to them carefully and thoughtfully. Do not invest in any speculative activity and do not make any impulsive decisions.

Remedy: Serving cows for happiness and good luck will prove a very effective remedy for Mercury retrograde.


For the libra sign, Mercury will retrograde in the fourth house of general happiness, comfort, and mother. During this period, you will be occupied in all the domestic affairs, and there are chances that there might be some construction or renovation work at your house. It is advised to do proper research before finalizing the construction of your house. There are also chances that you may face some unnecessary expenses on domestic goods. You may feel that there are some conflicts in your personal life. Health problems of your parents may also come up.

Remedy: Wear on a Silver chain for mental peace and a Golden chain for gaining wealth and property.


For the Scorpio zodiac sign, the planet Mercury will retrograde in the third house of siblings, short trips, and travel. During this period, Mercury may affect your travel and communication unexpectedly, and you may have to postpone your trip during this period. Make copies or back up your documents and files because there are chances that you may lose your data because of some technical fault. Do not go for a trip or a vacation during this time. Your sibling may call you for some help.

Remedy: Feed birds and donate a goat if possible, or you can also distribute medicines that are meant for Asthma.


For Sagittarius signed people, Mercury will retrograde in the second house of family, wealth, and speech. Mercury is the ruling house of occupation business in partnership with Sagittarius natives, and during this period, you may spend your time managing your budget and trying to find out ways to invest your money that may help you fulfill your personal and professional growth. You will be focusing on paying taxes and paying them before time. It is advised not to make any impulsive decisions, and this is the time to stay away from misunderstanding and conflict.

Remedy: Abstain from eggs, meat, and liquor.


For the Capricorn zodiac sign, Mercury will retrograde in the first house of self and character. During this period, there will be important events happening in your life, and you will be completely focusing on yourself during this phase. However, there can be a delay in the whole process which can cause frustration and anger, but you are advised to stay calm and patient and take sufficient time before starting any new plan. This time will help you reflect on your hidden potential and personality. It is also advised to be very careful regarding your social position in respect during this period.

Remedy: Wearing green on Wednesday will keep you conscious and more intentional with your thinking.


For the Aquarius zodiac sign, Mercury will retrograde in the 12th house of salvation, expenditure, and hospitalization. During this phase, journeys will be fruitful especially if it is work-related or business-related. Always be open to new ideas and do not follow things blindly. During this period, you may be tempted to go away for a long journey. It is advised to Hold your plans at the moment and plan your trip after Mercury becomes direct. Healthwise, If you fall sick, take proper precautions and visit the hospital. Nothing serious is going to happen. You are going to use this time to develop a deeper spiritual understanding.

Remedy: Recite the Beej Mantra of Mercury 108 times daily as it will prove to be an excellent support for your mind during this period.


For Pisces zodiac sign, Mercury will retrograde in the 11th house of income, desire, and games. During this period, there are chances that you may have to face some decline in your income, and financial losses are also possible because of your wrong decision. Students might face some educational hindrances during this phase. This is the time you work on yourself and become less judgemental about society and people in general, and you will learn the art of patience and acceptance during this period.

Remedy: Do proper meditation as it is the best tool to overcome overthinking that might lead to bad decisions.

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