Mercury Combust In Capricorn (part 1)

Mercury Combust In Capricorn: Mercury, the planet for intelligence, learning, and craftsmanship is set to combust on 8 February 2024 at 21:17 hrs. In this blog by Astroclip, we will learn about zodiac-wise predictions and remedies for each zodiac. But before we begin, let us learn a bit about the planet Mercury and its combustion in Capricorn!

Mercury Combust In Capricorn: Mercury As A Planet In Astrology

A strong Mercury may provide all the essential satisfaction in life, good health, and a strong mind. A strong Mercury may provide the natives with all positive results with high success in attaining extreme knowledge and this knowledge may guide the natives with sound decision-making for business. Natives with strong Mercury in their horoscope may make them good and shine well in speculation practices, and trade. The natives may be flourishing extremely in occult practices like astrology, mystics, etc.

On the other hand, when Mercury forms challenging conjunctions with planets such as Rahu/Ketu and Mars, individuals may encounter struggles and obstacles. If Mercury aligns with Mars, it could lead to a diminished level of intelligence, replaced by impulsiveness and aggression. Furthermore, if Mercury combines with malefic like Rahu/Ketu during this celestial alignment, the natives might experience health issues, including skin-related issues, disrupted sleep, and severe nervous problems, often exacerbated by weakened immunity. However, if Mercury is associated with benefic planets like Jupiter then positive results for the natives may get doubled concerning their business, trade speculative practices, etc.

Mercury as we all know is the significator of intelligence, logic, education, and communication skills. When Mercury becomes weaker, then there might be insecure feelings among the natives, lack of concentration, lack of grasping power, and memory loss sometimes possible for the natives. When Mercury rises and gets strong, especially in zodiac signs like -Gemini and Virgo then, natives may derive all fortunes in learning, develop their intelligence, shine in business, especially in business for speculation and trading, etc.

Zodiac Wise Prediction
Let us now look at the effects of Mercury combustion in Capricorn 2024 on each zodiac sign, as well as possible remedies:


For the Aries natives, Mercury is the third and sixth house lord and combusts in the tenth house.

Hence, during the Mercury Combust In Capricorn, you may be having worries about your future and concerns about the development of your children. If you were facing issues with your siblings they may resolve to a certain extent now. Communication may be taking a back seat during this combust phenomenon. You may be falling short of luck and due to this, the efforts that you are pursuing may take a back seat. Your career might stabilize a little for the time being as Mercury becomes combustible in the 10th house. If you are waiting for long-term benefits like promotion, and high incentives concerning your salary, then you may need to wait for good results to come and this Mercury Combust In Capricorn may not be that favorable for you. You may be losing the courage and determination to succeed further.

On the career front, heightened vigilance is advised this month regarding the services you provide for work, as potential shortcomings in career benefits may arise. It is not advisable to make significant job-related decisions in the current month. If you are contemplating a job change for better pay or improved prospects, achieving such a transition may not be easily feasible at this time. Exercise utmost care in your current job, as negligence and lack of concentration could lead to increased errors. Consequently, you may encounter challenges with superiors and experience a decline in recognition.

On the money front, during this month you may be losing money during travel. The development concerning money growth may not be easily possible and due to this, you may be left behind in pursuing major quick decisions while taking long-run decisions like going in for major investments may not be advisable during this month. You may be facing more commitments and due to this, you may be put into the situation of borrowing money and thereby opting for more loans and this may in turn drain out more from your pockets.

On the business front, if you are doing business then during this period, you may be facing loss due to wrong planning and business formulas which may strike a positive note for your competitors, and thereby your competitors may be succeeding in their efforts to garner more profits.

On the relationship front, if you have been facing a lot of arguments with your life partner due to misunderstandings that may arise and lack of communication then now all of it will start to resolve and there will be less tension. In case you are facing a lot of issues with your family then during this period even those conflicts will be resolved. As a result, the bond between you and your partner may become better and stronger. You may get advice from your elders regarding your relationship with your life partner and now you will pay heed to the valuable advice from your elders and due to this, your relationship with your life partner may get better

On the health front, this month during the Mercury Combust In Capricorn, you may experience pain in your legs, thighs, back pain, etc. On the other hand, you may be put to incur more expenses for your elders.

Remedy- Chant Vishnu Sahasranamam daily.


For Taurus natives, Mercury is the second and fifth house lord and combusts in the ninth house.

Due to the above, you may be having concerns about your financial matters, personal life maintaining good relationships, etc. You may struggle a little as far as finances are concerned but if you put in sincere effort you will succeed. You may be having worries about your future savings also. There may not be much accumulation of money during this time and this may take away your happiness. On the other hand, on the positive side, you may be in a position to gain money via inheritance from your father or father’s side.

On the career front, you may not be in a position to witness a high level of growth concerning your job as per your expectations and there may be chances for less satisfaction that you may be witnessing in work and due to this you may be expecting a good change for high job prospects which may provide you with good satisfaction. With some sincere efforts, a good opportunity may knock on your door so grab it and make the most of this new opportunity

On the business front, if you are pursuing business, then this time may not be highly good for you to gain sound profits. You may be facing a heavy threat from your competitors during this month. You may be expecting one good thing in business and at the same time on the contrary you may be expecting disappointments. This may be the scenario if you are pursuing normal business. But if you are pursuing stock-related business then, you may be in a position to derive good profitable returns from stock business.

On the financial front, this Mercury combust in Capricorn may not give you as many monetary gains as you deserve due to Mercury being combustible but you will be able to earn well enough with extra efforts. You may be even losing money due to negligence during this time for which you may need to be careful.

On the relationship aspect, you may be in a position to maintain a healthy relationship with your life partner. However, there are chances of a few arguments erupting between you and your partner but you will be able to sort things out if you communicate clearly.

On the health aspect, you may not be able to maintain good health as there may be chances for you to face eye-related infections, toothaches, etc. You may also be put into the situation of spending more money for the health of your children.

Remedy- Distribute school notebooks to poor children on Wednesday.

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