Ketu in first house

Should Ketu sit in your first house in the horoscope, you would have quite a mysterious personality. People struggle to understand your ways. There is often a double meaning in what you say. You are usually endowed with a magnetic persona. You are likely to take up a lot of travel to fulfill a sense of adventure in life. You should avoid keeping bad company though. There is a strong tendency to become self-centered and greedy at times.

If badly afflicted, Ketu can also affect one’s health and stamina. Moreover, the person may lose his position and have a miserable life. People with bad Ketu in 1st house also lack self-confidence and courage. This position of Ketu also gives the native psychic abilities and strong intuition. It can affect the longevity of the person in some cases. Due to its aspect over 7th house, the person may also face difficulties in marital life.

Positive Impact:

You have a magnetic personality, which is also mysterious. People want to meet you and talk to you. What you talk is not always very straightforward. You may say things which have a deeper meaning. You love travelling. You want to go out very frequently. You have a strong need for adventure. You satisfy your need by touring and exploring different cities, states and countries.

The planet Rahu is concerned with afterlife experiences, spirituality, renunciation and the concept of karma and rebirth. It is said that Rahu is the giver and Ketu is the taker. Rahu brings a person into evil and Ketu makes them realise that they are in the wrong zone and need to go back to the righteous and moral way. So the damage done by Rahu can be undone by Ketu.

Negative Impact:

It’s good to be adventurous and explorative. But you need to be careful about your company. If you fall into bad company, things may get really difficult for you. There is a possibility of you becoming self-centered and greedy. You have to ensure that you don’t degrade ethically or else life may become difficult for you.

Also, natives of Ketu in the first house are unable to differentiate between the good and the bad. Thus, they may be indecisive and unable to make proper decisions, which may impact their life and functioning. There is a possibility that they may drift towards immorality if they are not able to reign in their animal traits.

If the Ketu is badly afflicted, it may degrade your health and reduce your stamina. And if that happens, the person may be reduced to a miserable situation. Natives of Ketu in 1st house may also lack self-confidence and courage.

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