Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter is a divine planet and its retrograde motion is considered as very important. Factors like delays, sudden changes, change in beliefs and confusion is an important trait of it.

On 30 June 2020 around 05; 20 hours (Delhi, India) Jupiter will enter Sagittarius again in retrograde motion.

The retrograde motion of Jupiter has a meaning and requires special sets of the rule which are different than reading its normal progressive motion.

A retrograde planet tends to go slow in comparison to its regular speed and since our speed is constant in-universe the retrograde planet appears to move backward.

We all know Jupiter is a major planet in astrology and its position in your horoscope is only next to Saturn. The same way Jupiter transit is also very important and many times you might have seen the sign of retrogression against Jupiter and might have thought what exactly it is.

There can be many explanations for it and it can differ from person to person.

Generally, Jupiter retrograde is associated with confusion in life especially in the understanding of religion and philosophy.

It makes you go through certain events that can good or bad but are necessary to understand the higher power.

Vikas Jindal

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