Jupiter in Pisces after 12 years

In astrology, the movements of all the planets and constellations are very important for all the zodiac signs as well as for the country and the world. Because all the planets have different speeds and they depart from one zodiac to another according to their speed separately from each other.

The effect of all the zodiac signs is also different for each planet. For example, for one planet, its friendly zodiac, enemy sign, exalted and debilitated zodiac will be different from other planets. Also, that planet will have a sense of friendship, enmity, and equal relationship with other planets and on the basis of these, every planet gives its auspicious and inauspicious results in each zodiac.

Jupiter will Transit in Pisces After 12 years

It has been seen that every planet while doing its transit or retrograde affects a particular zodiac, whose full effect we get to see in different forms around the world. The position of the planets not only affects the life of a human being, but also causes many small and big changes in the atmosphere, in the country, and in the world.

In this sequence, April 2022 is going to be special in many ways. Because Hindu New Year is starting in April itself and Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu will also transit in this month. Moreover, this month is also going to be important for Pisces as in mid-April Jupiter will transit its own sign Pisces while returning home after about 12 years. In such a situation, let us now know through this article what will be the big changes in the country and the world?

In the year 2022, the planet Jupiter will enter its own sign Pisces while making its transit at around 11.23 AM on Wednesday, 13th April. The placement of Jupiter in its own sign will be considered as his homecoming after a long period of 12 years, where his influence will be auspicious for some natives in many ways.

  • Earlier, in early 2022, Jupiter was present in Aquarius.
  • After which, Jupiter combusts in Aquarius only on 19 February 2022.
  • During this, it has risen again on 20 March 2022.
  • Now he will be transiting in its own zodiac sign Pisces while doing his transit on 13th April 2022.
  • Then Jupiter will be in retrograde in Pisces on 29th July 2022.
  • After which, at the end of the year i.e. on 24th November 2022, Jupiter will again move in Pisces.

Pisces Natives Will Get Auspicious Results

According to experts, due to the presence of Jupiter in the signs ruled by Saturn for the last two years, it will now work to get rid of Saturn’s influence by moving into its own zodiac. Pisces especially during this period would like to go with the flow while feeling a little more excited.

The presence of Jupiter in Pisces will bring more joy, happiness, and luck to the natives in daily activities resulting in a more motivated, intuitive, aware, and deeply understanding person than ever before. This transit will also awaken spiritual interest in some natives. Jupiter being in Pisces is going to affect other zodiac signs as well, blessing many people with luck.

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