Effects of Rahu Transit 2023 in each zodiac sign (Part 2)

The first thing that happened was that Halahal poison came out of it, which Lord Shiva swallowed to save the world. The gods and demons then shared the various gems, jewelry, and other items that they had acquired among themselves, and nectar eventually appeared, which caused a conflict between them. Because they both desired to obtain it first and become immortal, the gods took refuge in Lord Vishnu, who took the Mohini avatar and ordered the gods and asuras to sit in separate rows.

Asuras began offering nectar to the gods one by one after being captured by the illusion of Mohini’s form. However, one asura named Swarbhanu changed his disguise and sat among the gods. As soon as He drank nectar, Surya Dev and Chandra Dev recognised him and informed Lord Mohini. He was immediately beheaded by Lord Vishnu with his Sudarshan Chakra. In this, the head portion was referred to as Rahu, and the torso was known as Ketu, but he survived the nectar’s effects without dying. Since then, it eclipses the Sun, Moon, Rahu, and Ketu.

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Rahu Transit 2023: Libra
Beginning this year, Rahu will be in your seventh house, which will have an impact on your marital life and commercial partnerships if you were born under the sign of Libra. Rahu is causing an up-and-down condition in this marriage. In your company, you are already feeling more autocratic than ever, and you will in the future as well. You will frequently make decisions without giving them much thought, which could result in profits for your company but also in losses that can occur abruptly.

Additionally, you will need to exercise caution with your business partner because they will likely be thinking about a lot of things at this time. Being cordial with them can help you and advance your business as there could be some alienation between the two of you that might cause issues. Guru-Chandal Dosh will be very active from the end of April to the end of August, therefore you should take extra precautions in your marriage during this time.

Any debates or arguments with the spouse should be avoided. Take the way of mutual agreement if at all possible, or seek guidance from an experienced professional or a house elder, or carry out any work with their consent. The spouse could also experience health issues. Remember that business will experience ups and downs throughout this period. You must exercise patience. Rahu will transit your sixth house after October 30. You’ll get off to a solid start from here. You’ll achieve success in anything if you put effort into it. The odds will be in your favour. You will succeed in things involving the court and the courtroom.

Rahu Transit 2023: Scorpio
Rahu placement in your sixth house at the start of this year will shield Scorpio natives from any difficulties. It’s not that you won’t encounter illnesses, debt problems, or enemies; all of these things still stand a chance of happening, but Rahu will help you overcome them all and move forward. You won’t be frightened of anything, and as you move through life, your personality will grow and you’ll be able to recognise yourself as the kind of person you want to be.

You’ll hold a stronger position inside the company. The people on your maternal side can also be a fantastic source of income for you. This could present opportunities for international travel. The health will be weak from the end of April until the end of August. In this period, a health issue of some kind will astonish you and appear out of nowhere. As a result, you must seek medical help right away if you experience any symptoms.

Your intelligence will advance on October 30 when Rahu enters your fifth house, according to Rahu Transit 2023. Due to Rahu’s complete influence on your brain, you will make important decisions and your decision-making skills will be sharp. This will be the time to pay attention to your kids because they might slip into bad company and act inappropriately as a result, so be sure to watch out for them. Love relationships will do very well at this time. Love affairs will have their romantic moments, and the connection will be intense. Although students could have some difficulties and problems in life, their minds will be sharp. Those who have read it once will recall it vividly. They will be able to see how this will enhance their schooling.

Rahu Transit 2023: Sagittarius
Rahu, who is already seated in the fifth house, will be noticed having an impact on Sagittarius people’s fifth house at the beginning of this year. This is the house of intelligence and thinking. Rahu’s influence on it will cause you to act on fantasies that no one could have ever imagined. Even if putting them into practise will be challenging, you will be seen making every effort to accomplish them. It will be important to give the kids just the right amount of attention at this point to prevent them from spoiling the company; else, things could go out of control. Love relationships will flourish during this time. You will have the opportunity to express to your loved one everything on your mind. With no thought of holding back, you will speak everything aloud. Additionally, your loved one will give you their unwavering support and be seen loving you as well. This is a fantastic time to get married if you want to be with someone you adore. Your love affair will mature and your relationships will be solid, but students could still experience difficulties. They will have to work extremely hard to stay focused on their academics. It will be more difficult between the end of April and the end of August. Any stomach-related illness can make your difficulties worse during this time. There is a chance that your health could decline as a result of unbalanced nutrition. Rahu will transit your fourth house on October 30th, according to Rahu Transit 2023. You might experience some family conflict during that time. You will, however, experience other joys.

Rahu Transit 2023: Capricorn
Rahu will transit through your fourth house at the start of this year if you were born under the sign of Capricorn. Your life might have ups and downs during this time. Family ties will start to deteriorate. It will take a lot of work on your part to bring peace to your family life, because there may be some turmoil there. As a result, you must work quietly, patiently, and make an effort to comprehend and explain even the most complicated concepts. During this time, situations of isolation may also occur.

The health of your mother might experience ups and downs, but you can still be successful in buying the house throughout this time. Be very careful and pay close attention to every activity in the house from the end of April to the beginning of August since there could be a significant uptick in family life during this time. After October 30, according to Rahu Transit 2023, Rahu will move into your third house. Rahu will offer you strength here. You will enjoy taking chances in business and moving forward, which will lead to your success. If you’re a sportsperson, this is the time when your talent will grow. People will respect you. You’ll be in good financial shape. Rahu’s transit through the third house will bring you great success and improve your standing in your line of employment.

Rahu Transit 2023: Aquarius
For Aquarius inhabitants, Rahu will enter your third house at the beginning of this year and remain there for the majority of the year, giving you the courage, might, strength, ability to take risks, a solid grasp over your adversaries, etc. You’ll be successful in anything you set out to do. Rahu will make a way for you. Your siblings could offer you helpful support, but they might be struggling as well.

In such a case, do everything in your power to assist them. There will be more short-distance travel, which will make you more busy and in a rush. You’ll be able to rely on your coworkers for solid support at work. Some issues could arise as a result of Guru-Chandal Dosh from the end of April to the end of August. You might experience problems at work because of conspiracies or tricks your own coworkers might pull on you. While travelling, you’ll have difficulties, and it won’t turn out well, but after October 30, Rahu will transit in your second house, according to Rahu Transit 2023. You can then enjoy delicious cuisine. Your financial situation will start to improve as you become more active financially and experience a sudden increase in your desire to earn money. However, there might be some issues and conflicts in your family life. If you are patient with them, you will eventually overcome them all.

Rahu Transit 2023: Pisces
Rahu, the planet of wealth, will be placed in your second house at the beginning of this year for Pisces natives. However, the more distant you become from your family, the closer you become to wealth and the more wealth you receive. Rahu positioned here will only be able to provide you one of the two things, therefore you should strive to come to an amicable agreement carefully otherwise you’ll start to feel cut off from your family.

You must be aware of health-related issues because an unbalanced diet or eating habits can also have a negative impact on your health. The need for eyeglasses could also arise because of poor vision. Due to Guru-Rahu Chandal Dosh, family issues that disrupt the tranquility of the family can occur from the end of April to the end of August. You should do your hardest, be persistent, and take action in order to prevent this situation. Your position in the family will rise.

Rahu will move from your second house to your own zodiac, or first house, on October 30th, according to Rahu Transit 2023. They’ll liberate you from sentimentality and hone your practicality. You’ll begin making your own decisions and gaining a lot of self-assurance, but there’s also a chance that you might start acting a little autocratically and without regard for others. You will receive everything from the upcoming Rahu transit if you avoid this circumstance.

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