Effects of Rahu Transit 2023 in each zodiac sign (Part 1)

Saturn is the planet with the most debilitation according to Vedic astrology, while Rahu, which constantly moves retrograde and changes signs every one and a half years, is the planet that follows Saturn in the transit time interval. Because Rahu is also known as Shani Vat Rahu, it produces outcomes similar to Shani. If we are talking about Rahu’s transit in 2023, then up until October 30 of this year, Mars, who represents Rahu, will be sitting in Aries. On October 30, at 2:13 pm, moving retrograde, Rahu will come out of Aries. Mars will go into Pisces, which is ruled by Jupiter.

In Vedic astrology, which includes the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter as complete planets, the Navagrahas have been given a prominent place. However, these two planets are referred to as shadow planets; Rahu is the first and Ketu is the second. In Vedic astrology, sometimes referred to as Hindu astrology by some, the spiritual and religious perspective of Rahu-Ketu is equally crucial. There is no physical existence for these shadow planets.

However, from a spiritual perspective, the scriptures make reference to a mythological tale known to us all as the Samudra Manthan. Rahu-Ketu is known as the intersection point of the Sun and Moon’s circumambulation paths. The ocean was once stirred up between the Devas and the Asuras, with Mandarachal Mountain acting as the churner and Vasuki Nag as the rope. Lord Shri Mahavishnu ji gave it a base by taking its complete form, and then the gods and devils worked together to churn the ocean to produce a variety of gems.

Rahu Transit 2023 Predictions

Rahu Transit 2023: Aries
Rahu Maharaj will continue to transit in the first house of the Aries sign, which is where he began the year. Rahu will somewhat cloud your judgment if you stay here, and you’ll be hurried in whatever you do, which could lead to mistakes in some of your work for which you’ll have to regret later. You won’t take your close friends for granted and will treat yourself like an emperor.

You might wind up fighting with someone in such a circumstance, so use this time wisely. It will be crucial to exercise caution because there might be educational challenges that students must overcome as well as a real possibility that they could lose money. The effect of Guru-Chandal Dosh will then impair your health, your ability to think clearly, your marriage, and your business, therefore you must be vigilant between May and August.

On October 30, Rahu will enter your twelfth house and increase the likelihood of international travel, according to Rahu Transit 2023. You will actively engage in religious activities, but you will just use your outside thoughts. Your expenses could go up significantly, yet this period may also bring you some significant successes for you.

Rahu Transit 2023: Taurus
Beginning this year, Rahu will be positioned in the twelfth house from Taurus’ zodiac, where it could continue to dramatically raise your spending. Rahu is said to make you a reckless spender in this position. You might make impulse purchases that could lead to mental health issues. You could face legal repercussions if you don’t go in the right direction. Physical problems could occur during this period, forcing you to frequently visit the hospital. If Rahu is in a favorable position in your horoscope, it can also motivate you to travel overseas.

The end of April to the middle of August will see the effects of Guru-Chandal Rahu’s Dosh, which could cause problems with your health and problems with defamation to come to light, according to Rahu Transit 2023. Jupiter will come and meet Rahu on April 22. Look after them as best you can. On October 30, Rahu will make a transit through your zodiac’s eleventh house, which will have very favorable effects for you. Your aspirations will come true. This Rahu can also motivate you to travel internationally if it falls in a favorable place in your horoscope.

There will be a revival of long-buried desires, and they will be satisfied. Your initiatives will have a possibility of succeeding. There will be opportunities for good financial gains, and now is the perfect moment to accomplish goals you’ve had for a while. Politicians will also be successful, and their opponents will pay for it later.

Rahu Transit 2023: Gemini
For Gemini folks, Rahu is transiting in your eleventh house at the start of this year, which has long since made many of your aspirations come true. You hold a respectable position in society. There is a good chance that your social circle will expand. Rahu’s placement in your eleventh house for the majority of this year will also make you quite socially engaged. You will take an active part in the society’s projects. You will take an active part in the society’s projects. You will promote your name in public talks, whether they be in the political or social spheres.

You will make good progress at this time. The financial situation will improve throughout this period. The period from the end of April to the beginning of August may be a little difficult due to Guru-Chandal Dosh influence, but you won’t have too many problems. Rahu will then enter your ninth house on October 30.

There is a chance that your workplace will undergo some changes, but you will be able to build a strong position on the basis of your diligence and receive praise for your work. You will manage to complete the work easily that would be challenging for others. Because you will be too preoccupied with your profession and risk marginalizing your family as a result, you will have to deal with some difficulties in your home life, but overall, you will make progress.

Rahu Transit 2023: Cancer
By the end of October 2023, Rahu will move into the ninth house from the sign of Cancer. Your maturity will develop over this period, which will affect how much you value your employment. In your line of business, you will succeed. Your diligence will speak for itself, and whatever diligence you put forth will be evident to you. You will prefer working in front of the camera rather than behind the scenes, and you will anticipate receiving significant pay for the amount of labor you put in.

Despite the fact that you won’t be able to get to know him completely, you will still get a lot of respect throughout this period. There are chances that your effort will be successful, and you’ll maintain your position as a leader. Ups and downs in the job are possible between April 22 and August 28. Anything that could cause controversy should be avoided. By entering your zodiac sign ninth house on October 30, Rahu will have an impact on your luck. Long distance travel and ganga bathing will be possible. There will be a possibility of traveling abroad more likely, and if you have already made an effort in this direction, you will succeed. However, during this time, your relationship with your father could suffer and his health might even deteriorate. This is something you must manage.

Rahu Transit 2023: Leo
For Leos, Rahu will be camped in your ninth house at the start of this year, influencing your destiny and your father’s relationship. As a result, it’s possible that your father will receive a lot of respect during this time. He can accomplish his tasks with his words, but his relationship with you could suffer. He might not be in the best of health. You will endeavor to go forward rather than relying on luck, and only then will you be successful. You’ll suffer if you rely solely on fate. Your likelihood of making a long distance trip will be very high in this situation.

The Guru-Chandal Dosha’s effects could cause father’s health issues to worsen between April and August 2023. You could experience bad luck, which could ruin your ongoing job. Because of this, you need to exercise some patience now. Rahu’s entrance into your eighth house will occur on October 30. Your health and your work could suffer at this time. So you have to take care of yourself. Don’t borrow or rent a vehicle. Drive carefully and consider your investment decision 100 times before making it since you are more likely to lose money or lose all of your money if you do so. Do not lend money to anyone at this time by allowing yourself to be duped by someone; otherwise, it is unlikely to be returned.

Rahu Transit 2023: Virgo
For Virgo natives, Rahu will be seated in your ninth house at the start of this year. Rahu’s prolonged stay in the eighth house must have precipitated a rapid, significant change in your life that is still occurring and will continue to occur in the future. Additionally, you can learn about some unexpectedly good profits and losses. For the in-laws’ side, this time will be advantageous. They’ll thrive, and you’ll have a lovely relationship with them. You’ll have plenty of chances to visit, sit, and talk with your future in-laws. Your mind will be very much on betting, gambling, and lotteries in this situation, but before making any investments, carefully consider your options because if you don’t, you’ll have to be prepared to lose money instead of making it.

When the Rahu-Guru Chandal Dosh forms in the eighth house between April and August, your health might deteriorate and your difficulties with illness could worsen. If you are not vigilant during this time, a serious illness could develop, therefore you should exercise considerable caution and care. On October 30, Rahu will enter your seventh house, which will have an impact on your marital life and make your life partner a bit autocratic, predicts Rahu Gochar 2023 (Rahu Gochar 2023). At the same time, you will begin keeping your thinking distinct from your religious beliefs rather than adhering to them.

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