Shravan Nakshatra

Considered as highly auspicious, the name of this Nakshatra has been derived from the mythological character Shravana Kumar, the utmost devoted son to his parents.

Shravan belongs to Makar Rashi or the Capricorn. The ruler of this Nakshatra is Lord Vishnu.

It is also the birth of the star of Devi Saraswati, and hence the natives of Shravan are believed to be intelligent knowledge gainers and good listeners.

Shravan translates to ‘hearing’, and therefore this Nakshatra is considered to be of listening and learning.

In the night sky, the shape of the stars resembles an eagle. It also has the symbol in the shape of an ear or three Footprints.

The footprints relate to the story of Vamana Avatar of Vishnu and he asking King Bali to give him land equivalent to his three steps.

General Characteristics

  • Being associated with Goddess Saraswati, the natives of this Nakshatra are intelligent and knowledgeable.
  • In ancient times, the knowledge was passed on orally, and Shravan has an ear symbol. Thus, people born under this Nakshatra have a great ability to obtain knowledge through listening.
  • Those born under Shravan seek wisdom and are usually experts in art forms like music, dance, and acting.
  • These people are warm, caring, affable, and take great care of their parents.
  • Those born under this Nakshatra always achieve their goals and spread their need for peace in the people around them.

Career Options

  • People born under Shravan Nakshatra are hardworking, perfectionists, ambitious and intelligent. All these traits make them very successful businessmen.
  • Because this Nakshatra is dominated by Goddess Saraswati, they also make very good engineers, doctors, scientists, and even artists.
  • They are also very good listeners who help them become successful counselors.
  • Other preferable fields for the natives of Shravan Nakshatra are geology, economy, politics, hospitality, and charity.

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