Nakshatra compatibility for marriage

Matching nakshatra for marriage

For marriage, in addition to the Rashi, the Nakshatra of the boy and the girl have to be matched. This is done in two respects, one is by matching the quality points or Gunas, and the other is by avoiding Nadi Dosha as prescribed in the following sections:

Matching Quality Points– Each Nakshatra represents certain inherited qualities of the native some of which have been described above. There are nine quality factors to be matched, each carrying four points and aggregating to 36 points in all. If all the factors match completely, then the accumulated number will be 36 points.

In a successful marriage, it is stipulated that at least 18 points must be matched, and the more the better. The calculation for matching points is a one-time affair. Once the Nakshatra is in the Rashi, matching quality points or Gunas can be found. Dev Gana Nakshatra can adjust both with Manushya and Rakshasa Gana Nakshatra but Rakshas and Manushya Gana cannot adjust at all with each other. This is called Gana Maha Dosha hence marriage is prohibited between Manuhya and Rakshasa Gana natives.

The matching is always done from the girl’s Nakshatra to the boy’s Nakshatra. Check the girl’s Nakshatra vertically down and match it with the boys Nakshatra given along the same row. For example, if the girl’s Moon is in Aries and in the Nakshatra Krittika 1st quarter and the boy’s moon is in Libra and Chitra 3rd quarter, you note the star# of both, from the list of Nakshatras.

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