Fifth House in Astrology

The 5th house is a succedent one, and has Leo as its natural ruler sign and the Sun as the planetary ruler. The house is responsible for pleasure, love, and entertainment; all those shiny little moments, things and circumstances that make the native’s reality beautiful. It is a rather vital house for one’s everyday reality, where the presence of nearly any planet is positively affecting the native’s life. The fifth house is how one expresses himself, and signifies his personal road towards happiness.

  • 5th house is 2nd Trinal (Trikona) of your Horoscope. Also known as Pitru Bhav (father house)/Putra Bhav (son house)/House of Faith-Memories-Learning-Knowledge.
  • 5th house is natural karak house for children as it is 11th (profit) from 7th house (spouse house) it acts as a profit (child) from the relation of you two. It also belongs to the pregnancy of the mother and health of the child. Whether child will bring happiness or it will cause worry, all can be seen here.
  • Expression of your mind belongs to 5th house as it is 2nd (mind) house from 4th house (house of mentality). So it indicates your personal nature, mental nature, feelings etc. Emotional activities such as love, hate etc. belongs here. Your devotion, faith in religion, God is seen from here as it is also 9th from 9th house.
  • Memory, knowledge, learning capabilities all belong to 5th house. Educational learning, teaching ability, advising ability belong to 5th house. Further extended interest in the arts such as writing, music etc. can be seen here. Ministerial post (advisory), or any such post required advising ability in an MNC or Govt job belongs to 5th house.
  • Good placement of planets in 5th house may make you famous as Sun is the natural owner of this house, and it is also 9th house from 9th house (fame) where Sun is karak planet.
  • 5th house is 10th from 8th house so it signifies speculation ability, intuition power, interest in occultism such as tantra-mantra, astrology etc. 5th house is also 8th (loss) from your 10th (profession) house, so it signifies troubles in the professional career. This house also belongs to political gain/loss.
  • Being 12th (loss) from 6th (enemy) house it indicates loss of your enemy. Past life deeds/Purv punya also belongs to 5th house.

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