Cancer In Vedic Astrology

In Vedic Astrology, Cancer is considered as the fourth sign among the twelve zodiac signs which are considered for making astrological calculations on the basis of Vedic Astrology. The last pada of Nakshatra Punarvasu, all four padas of Nakshatra Pushya and all four padas of Nakshatra Ashlesha are ruled by this zodiac sign called cancer.

Cancer is a very important sign in a horoscope according to Vedic Astrology as it is involved in the formation of a couple of defects mentioned in Indian Astrology. The placement of the Moon in the fourth pada of Ashlesha Nakshatra forms a Gandmool Dosh in the horoscope and as the fourth pada of Ashlesha Nakshatra is ruled by Cancer sign, the study of this sign in a horoscope becomes important in Vedic Astrology.

Apart from this, any serious afflictions to this sign by one or more than one negative planets in a horoscope form Matru Dosh which can pose many kinds of problems for the native depending upon the other important aspects of the horoscope. As Cancer is ruled by Moon, so any affliction to this sign makes the Moon afflicted and weak and thus a Matru Dosh is formed. Therefore the study of this sign in a horoscope becomes very important and it should be analyzed carefully in a horoscope.
Cancer is a watery sign and it is ruled by the Moon which is considered as the coolest of all the nine planets in Vedic Astrology and which is also considered as the fastest moving planet in Vedic Astrology. Therefore most of the planets placed in Cancer tend to show their positive or negative results in a less aggressive way compared to some other signs. Jupiter which is the planet that rules knowledge, spiritualism and prosperity, becomes exalted in this sign which means that out of all the twelve zodiac signs, Jupiter is considered strongest when placed in Cancer. A positive Jupiter well placed in Cancer can bless the native with great knowledge, spirituality and prosperity among many other things depending upon the other important aspects of the horoscope.

Generally, it is believed that cancer is a death inviting disease. However, astrological diagnosis if made much before its occurrence makes cure almost certain. Medical and remedial measures make this possible.

The following planetary configurations give rise to cancer:-

1)The affliction of the 6th, 8th and/or 12th house, their lords and occupants.
2)The main significators of cancer are Rahu, Mars, Mercury and Saturn. Rahu is the poison of cancer, whereas Mars gives rise to tumor, cyst, boils, wounds, cuts, operation etc. Mercury multiplies the cells of cancer, if afflicted and Saturn makes it chronic and incurable.
3)Rahu, Mars, Mercury and Saturn are connected with the Dustanas and watery signs or aspect each other or the lords of Dustanas.
4)Gemini and Virgo have much to do with cancer, if these signs are occupied by Mars, Mercury or Saturn identical with Dustanas.
5)Jupiter also plays a vital role in causing as well as preventing cancer. If Jupiter is unafflicted and is placed in an angle or trine and is not aspected by malefic Mars or Mercury or if Jupiter aspects the Ascendant, the 9th or 5th house it will protect the native, if he is suffering from cancer. However, if Jupiter is in the 6th or the 8th or aspects these houses under affliction by Mars, Saturn, Rahu or Mercury, one is likely to suffer from incurable cancer.

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